Application Insights - Error when grouping data


I’m using the Azure Monitor plugin to create graphs for Application Insights.

I receive an error when grouping my graph by CustomDimensions/x. Where x has a space within the name.

For example, this works perfectly:

Whereas this returns an error:

Under the Query Inspecter, the URL contains a space:
…segment=customDimensions/Docker host&interval…

However watching the call it does replace this space with ‘%20’:

From the grafana.log file:
t=2018-01-04T13:27:54+0000 lvl=eror msg=“Request Completed” logger=context userId=2 orgId=1 uname= method=GET path=/api/datasources/proxy/1/appinsights/beta/apps//metrics/performanceCounters/processorCpuPercentage status=500 remote_addr=[::1] time_ms=111 size=78 referer=<URL removed - forum forced>

I have selected other metrics to group against but I don’t have too much data to test against.
Within Application Insights the corresponding query returns data. The working example and broken example both come from the same data source and values are stored within the same format(json) in Application Insights. I can group the data by ‘Docker host’ within Application Insights.

Thanks for your help,

Sounds like a bug. I guess I need to change it to ur lencode custom dimension names.

Sounds similar to this (which is on my todo list):