Azure Data Explorer Log Analytics Workspace

Hi all,

I recently installed Azure Data Explorer plugin. I successfully connected it to a Kusto Cluster which works well. However, I wanted to add a log analytics workspace as a data source.

After add connection details using Query data in Azure Monitor using Azure Data Explorer - Azure Monitor | Microsoft Docs for cluster URL for log analytics, the connection test passes but, database schema fails to load.

Any ideas, is log analytics as a Azure Data Explorer supported?

Hi @abelal83, welcome to the :grafana: community.

My knowledge to Azure is very limited. But here it seems to be a configuration issue.

I checked the plugin page and found a well written detail as how to configure this plugin;

Under there, check the section " Creating an Azure Active Directory Service Principle" as it takes you the page where you need to define resources, permissions etc. in Azure.

After that you can verify via the cli tool if it is working correctly.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your response @usmanahmad.
I did follow those instructions and it works fine against an ADX cluster, the problem is schema doesn’t load when connecting to a log analytics workspace, which technically is backed by a hosted ADX cluster.

You can use the Azure Monitor plugin to connect to Log Analytics a.k.a. Azure Monitor Logs. You can find the details here:

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