Automatic logging and labels

Using Grafana, grafana-agent, loki and tempo “latest” docker tags at the time of writing

I’m trying to get the grafana agent to add trace data to loki as per: Automatic logging | Grafana Tempo documentation

There are 2 things I expected to be different:

  1. I can see my traces in Grafana and I can see the are logged in Loki as well. But they don’t have the labels like service_name, traceid. Note that svc is visible because I enabled it explicitly in config

  2. I only get logs in loki when I enable spans and/or porcesses. But I want just the root span to be indexed.

My agent config

  - name: default
      - endpoint: ${TEMPO_HOST}
        insecure: true
      backend: logs_instance
      logs_instance_name: default
      spans: true
      processes: true
      roots: true

When setting spans and processes to false, no logs are sent to loki. Also I’d like to have things like svc as a label called service_name so that I can easily query on it as I do with the normal logs.

The end goal is that I can easily query traces for outliers in terms of response time.

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