Auto refresh of dashboard in background

Hi there,

A simple and quick questions. I have two Grafana instances - 2.5.0 and Grafana v4.4.1 (commit: 6a9f8ca).
Both are with around 700 dashboards and around 7000 graphs per instance. Some of this dashboards are with autorefresh.
My questions is the following - Is autorefresh running on background ? No matter if grafana is opened in browser or not.

Thank you!


No, it’s only applicable when a dashboard is opened in a browser.


Hi there,
Yeah i discovered this by hard way. The problem with me is that i have two grafana instances - 4.4 and 2.5. Don’t ask why …
On 2.5 problem is that no matter if you open a dashboard into your browser if it still configured to do auto refresh …oh boy you are in trouble. On the other hand the 4.4 is working as should and refresh only when the browser or a tab is opened.