Authorization error with organization api token

I recently converted a project from using an Account Level API Token to an Organization API Token. Prior to this change the load test script already identifies a ProjectID in the script options, e.g.,

export let options = {
  tags: {
    "target": "stage"
  ext: {
    loadimpact: {
      projectID: 12345,
      name: "project-name"

I see an (400/E5) Authentication error. ProjectID must be specified when using an organization API token when I execute the the load test using CLI version 0.43.1. Example invocation looks like (k6 cloud script_name.js ...args).

Note: I have already successfully executed k6 login cloud --token VALUE prior to executing k6 cloud scipt_name.js ...args).

The most curious behavior of all this (in my opinion) is that when I log into K6 cloud and look at the project details, I see successful K6 run invocations for each of the timestamps where the CLI reported an authentication issue.

Hi @imo_ericksoen

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And many thanks for reporting this, we are looking into it and will be back to you.


Hi @imo_ericksoen

This should be fixed now, many thanks for reporting this. Let us know if you are still experiencing issues.


Wow! You all rock. Thanks so much for the responsiveness.

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I’m still seeing this error. What was the fix?

Hi @ragudupa

Welcome to the community forum :wave: and thanks for reaching out.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing the same issue. Could you please open up a support ticket in your Grafana customer portal or just by sending an email to

This might be related to your account/organization and needs to be looked into. The support team can check our records, raise escalations towards our engineering teams (in case of bugs/issues), and track the progress of your support issue much better.