Streaming to cloud fails

Dear all,

I am trying to stream results from k6 running locally to the cloud. I have created an api token and a project in my cloud account.
I add the following to my script

    ext: {
      loadimpact: {
        projectID: <redacted>,
        // Test runs with the same name groups test runs together
        name: "BDDS"

I seem to login successfully

$ k6 login cloud --token <redacted>
Logged in successfully, token saved in C:\Users\osa0011\AppData\Roaming\loadimpact\k6\config.json

I then try the following

HTTPS_PROXY= K6_CLOUD_TOKEN=<redacted> k6 run --out cloud -e ENVIRONMENT=test main.js

I get the following error:

WARN[0000] Error from API server                         error="listen tcp bind: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted."

Init      [--------------------------------------] Starting outputs
default   [--------------------------------------]
ERRO[0001] (400/E5) Authentication error - could not query matching resource. Is the token and/or project_id correct?

The token and project id both seem to be correct.

Hey @pbains1 could you send this issue to preferably from an email account that is associated with your k6 Cloud account? That way we can check the specific settings/parameters on the k6 Cloud side.

Additionally, our team has hidden this post about an hour after it was posted since you had your tokens posted. We have subsequently redacted the tokens in your post to prevent any security issues.



Hi Victor,

Thanks for that. The email account linked to my K6 Cloud account is I will send an email to support with this information.