APMSQLServer and Simple JSON plugin...no data points

Hello, I am trying to connect Grafana Dashboard with APMSQL through the JSON Data Source and a Tomcat Server.

I am new in Grafana, so I will try to explain well my problem, hope it makes sense.

  • I have defined the resource in the tomcat context.xml file, with all the connection info, jdbc url, user, password, etc…

  • I have deployed the grafanarest.war in the webapps tomcat folder.

  • I have succesfully installed the simple json plugin in grafana.

  • I have created a new DataSource, SimpleJson Type, pointing to “mytomcat:8080/grafanarest”, tested the connection, and it works.

  • I try to create a new dashboard, using my json datasource, with just a simple metric like “apmsql ‘.*’ ‘GC Heap:Bytes In Use’ agg_value exact” defined as timeserie…but it never works, it only shows the text “no data points” in the graph. (This sintaxys should be familiar if you have worked with CA APM).

If I open the Query Inspector see the query is not being executed or is not returning any data.


I can´t find what is wrong, as all the pieces seem to be well configured, the datasource is working, the credentials for the apmsql are the right ones, etc…What am I missing?

Thanks a lot in advance,