Any other Option Instead of Drill Down

Hi Team,

We have the option for Drill Down option. Instead of Drill Down can we have option to click on the Count Value , so that new tab can open.
any other option for user friendly.

Hi @harsha20896,

Can you include a screenshot of what you’d like to accomplish and share your grafana version?


We are usiung Grafana v 7.3.1,
I have attached the screenshot with the msg. i have highlighted the DRILL DOWN, my plan is instead of Drill down , we need if we click Device Count new tab should open.
Let me know if you have any other options.

I’m not sure you can accomplish this without altering Grafana’s code. Clicking on the title of a panel is a central part of Grafana’s UI navigation, right?

Hi mattabrams,

Yes, Can you provide me steps for altering the grafana’s code.