Another absurd in alerting

Am creating an alarm for graph metric (datasource cloudwatch)

And now::

  1. When I set for value, it is not respected. Why is there clickable (and thus changeable)middle part of query field where you can aso input time between checks? So which one (upper or lower) time field is correct one? And what about dashboard refresh chooser in the topright corner of the screen? Is it not respected either? It seems so.
    My explanation may be (more or less) chaotic) just like whole Grafana development process. All Im trying to communicate is that there has been absolutely no thought given to how alerting should work.

  2. No matter what time span I set, alert test result reads state:"no_data"… there is no way of making it work the way I see fit. Also - alert is not being sent despite graph visualizatioon showing (with red line && red-gradiented area) that conditions to trigger alerting are met,

  3. Even when (according to red area) clearly there is data to feed alert; test-result shows state:"no_data" just as if there was some blockage in dataflow.

Oh yea, another buggy thing in Grafana…