Annotation list bug?


I’ve installed the Annotation List of ryantxu plugin and it does what i want it to do.
But it looks likes it uses the previous selected $timeFilter.
Because if i make a Annotation at let say 1 day ago. If i now open the dashboard and select my time range to last 2 days, my annotation doesn’t appear. But if i change my time range again (even back at last 1 hour where the annotation doesn’t appear) it appears in the list. And obviously also the other way around if the annotation is show and i go back to last 1 hour it is still show or i have to change the time range again.

Or if i click on a grafh or discrete panel on the dashboard it also appears/disappears (so i think it relaod the $timeFilter in the background).
PS: If i click on a table panel it doen’t load the annotations

Has anybody else have the same problem? Because im really happy with the plugin but it’s always a extra action to keep the annotaion list updated.

I hope i explained myself well enough.

Kind regards,

You shouldn’t use the annotation list plugin anymore, it’s included as an alpha plugin in the later versions of Grafana. Try enabling alpha plugins by setting panels.enable_alpha = true in your grafana.ini file, then restart Grafana and see if the new alpha annotation list has fixed this problem.

enable_alpha = true

if that has troubles, let us know!


Thanks for the reply. I use the new Annotations list now and it works, but the “within time range” option doesn’t works. It always shows all the saved Annotations. The option for the Annotations “only this Dashboard” does works. In the picture below you see my settings.

And another problem i occur is that if you add a annotation, it only shows it in the list if you refresh the dashboard.

So the only 2 problems i find are the “within time range” option and that you need to refresh the dashboard if you add a annotation.

Thanks at advance!
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