An iPhone app for Grafana

Hi Grafana friends,

I would like to build an iOS app that shows Grafana dashboard. The app would have full gesture support, and probably much better layout than Grafana in a mobile browser.

What are the features you would love to have in a mobile app? Would you consider sponsoring the development? Feedback is appreciated.


  • Sean

I shared this question with the Grafana team and we will get back to you next week.


Thanks! I found the following features particularly mobile-specific, and would be hard to implement in web UI in near term:

  • pinch, pan, and zoom in/out graphs with gestures. I hope that Grafana graphs are as easy to navigate as the main chart of Robinhood app.
  • secure 1-tap login to see dashboards (similar to a financial app), without worrying about expired cookies etc.

My main concerns are around how much people need this. Specifically:

  • Could this app generate enough revenue to support its development and maintenance?
  • How often (in X times per week) would a target user (people that benefit significantly from using this app) use the mobile app for browsing dashboards?

Hi, we discussed this now and have some questions/feedback.

Most importantly, we’re not in a position to sponsor the development. In the context of Grafana this project would have to be open source and community driven. Before kicking this off though, I would encourage you to write up a roadmap that also clarifies your long-term commitment. We have no native iOS expertise, this would have to be entirely you, plus engaging the community and responding to issues+PRs.

As for the features you would like to see, it’s worth exploring if they couldn’t be done in a (mobile-optimized) progressive web app instead of a native app. Perhaps that could be a way to contribute in a slightly smaller, but still big, way, that would bring the features that you want.

Hope that helps.



Hey there!

I would love to be a part of iOS Development if it has already been started. Else, I would love to start developing a native iOS App for Grafana. I am completely fine with the development of this app being open-source.