Iphone Home Screen -> Dashboard w/o signin

I’ve bookmarked my xxx.grafana.net dashboard onto my iPhone’s home screen, because I need to check it quite regularly.

Unfortunately, every time I open the bookmark it first asks me to tap to sign into the site, and then asks me to tap a second time to get into my dashboard.

How can I get a link whose auth is cookie’d so that I don’t need to do these steps each time I open the panel?

thx much.

Seems like Grafana has metadata that says it is a web app on iPhones (see PR). Web apps can’t have cookies so not sure how we could get this to work.

Perhaps this is a technique that might work?

Just a thought. Thx for listening.

Was googling too and I’m not sure about that solution. But I wonder if Grafana needs to be a full screen web app. Seems the main advantages are a prettier icon and no title bar but it comes with a lot of disadvantages. Need to test this with a local version of Grafana though to make sure nothing breaks.