Alert states erased or alert not triggered


I am using v5.0.0-beta4 (commit: 1de8891) on Ubuntu 16.04

Anyone encounter that alert state history randomly cleared by itself. And that alert not being triggered when threshold is reached.

Seems like a erratic bug, as it was tested working until the above suddenly occurs.


I updated to Grafana v5.0.1-pre1 (commit: 7ce6316), but the alert state history will somehow be randomly erased.

Not sure if it due to the constant changes and saving to the dashboard as a whole

Seems like the ‘workaround’ is enter edit screen of any graphs, choose Alert Tab, and do a Save Dashboard. After this, the Alerts will ‘recover’.

But i suspect after i make changes on the main Dashboard and trigger save, it will somehow erase the graphs alert states and/or ‘disable’ the alerting altogether.

Realised that the issue (not alerting or alert states erased) happens when the graphs are in hidden mode in panel. Once unhide, alerting works.

Anyone can comment if this is a bug? Thanks