Alert check now

Is there a way to refresh alert state immediately for a particular alert? Like the check now function in other monitoring systems.

Now I have some alerts, set evaluation interval to 1h and 1d. I want a manual check after a fix.

My running Grafana version is 10.0.0

hi @jehutywong

you can check the current alert state by calling this API endpoint, passing the id of the alert in question


the response includes the previous and current state:

        "newState": "Pending",
        "prevState": "Normal",

I’m not 100% sure this is what you were looking for but that’s all I could find

Thanks for your reply Antonio.
But no, I am looking for a manual trigger to refresh alert state immediately, instead of waiting for the next probe.

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One Workaround i got now it is to save the alert rule, then it will refresh immediately. But this requires users have edit permission.

@jehutywong Unfortunately, it is not supported. The only way user can affect the state is to update a rule via API which will clean up the state for the rule immediatelly