Alert doesn't seem to update


I am trying to test the alert functionnality for work.
So I set up one and would like to test my data.

But, as I’ve setup my alert to “evaluate every 2m”, the green ine isn’t moving.
I am testing the lack of data so the settings I am using are these :

But in time, as the ‘now’ seems blocked, I can’t test the alert and I never receive one. The green dotted bar isn’t moving, What should I modify to make it work? I took a look at the docs but I don’t have any clue :


Version : 4.4.3
OS : Ubuntu

Did you save the dashboard (this updates the alert rule). What color does the panel alert heart have?

And check alert rule history tab

I saved the dashboard and the panel heart has a green color.
In the history tab, I have one entry, “OK” done at Oct 30, 2017 15:29:20, thus leading to the green heart.
The thing is, I would think the “evaluate every 2mn” rule would automate the rule testing each 2mn.
But it doesn’t.

When I re-test the rule, I have that output :

conditionEvals:“false = false”
message:“Condition[0]: Query Result”
message:“Condition[0]: Eval: false, Metric: Consommation relevée, Value: 297.000”

What does the conditionEvals mean?
Perhaps is it linked to why the alert doesn’t update…