Alarms suppress [ok] alarms


I introduced alarms into my graphs. It works. Maybe a bit too well.
What I’d like to have is to only receive alarm notifications if there is a critical condition. But I receive a flood of [ok] alarms on the global default receiver.

Is there a way to turn this off?

I only want to receive alarms if the condition set in the alarm config is true.

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Could you provide some more information/examples of your alarms that you’ve setup? What notification channel you’re using? What Grafana version etc? Thanks


Hi Marcus,

thank you for your reply and sorry for not providing more data at the first place.

The server version is Version 4.4.3 (commit: 54c79c5).

I have an alarm set on a temperature sensor. It is set to be triggered when it is below 5.0°C.
If the temperature is going below 5.0°C then the alarm is triggered as expected. It will send an alarm via the email-notification channel with the text set.

But I also receive an “[ok]” message when the condition for the alarm is not met anymore. For example when the temperature exceeds 5.0°C at 5.1°C. And I once again receive an email. Again with the same text.

The idea of the alarm is to give the receiver a list of action points to work on. These are provided in the text field sent with the alarm.

Then it might become colder again and the temperature will drop to 4.8°C and I do receive an alarm again. And then it rises again and I do receive an “[ok]” message.

I do use an email notification channel which works as expected.

All I want to know is if there is a possibility to not send “[ok]” messages. Or maybe a way to send the alarm notification with a different message attached. Because I do send some instructions with the alarm and the recipient might get confused to follow those instructions in case the alarm conditions are not met because all is [ok].

I hope I could express myself a little bit better than before.



Understood. You probably interested in this issue then. If you find this useful please upvote it by giving the top first comment a :+1: reaction. If it gets lots of votes we’ll consider implementing/merging it.



thanks a lot. That was the answer I’ve been looking for.