Aggregating counters over time


I have a counter of events, and trying to plot aggregate counts per day, per hour etc., but having trouble making sense of the results I am getting.

Here, I plotted two queries: sum(increase(counter[1h])) with Min Step being 1 hour (green bars) and sum(increase(counter[1d])) with Min Stem 1 day (orange bars)

Looking at the rightmost organge bar here, I expect the value (69055) to be the sum of the 24 green bars to the left of it. There are only four of them, that are non-zero and their values are 54942, 2566, 12190 and 370. If I add these up, the total is 70068, so I am trying to understand where the “extra” 1013 came from.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @dtkach,

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