Aggregate by JSON Array Field

Consider the following log lines (assume one single line):

  "timestamp": "<TS>",
  "client_ip": "<IP>",
  "event_ids": [

Is it possible to somehow aggregate and group by client_ip and event_ids? In this example it would essentially be two groups, (, “event1”) and (, “event2”).

are you talking about doing this in Loki? or some other way?

In Loki, yeah. I do have a feature request to add some sort of split function to Promtail as a workaround: Add Split Filter to Promtail · Issue #7998 · grafana/loki · GitHub

What I am currently doing is use logstash to do the split before sending logs to Loki, effectively duplicating logs for number of delimited fields. Definitely convoluted, and was wondering if anyone has a better solution.

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