After Upgrade from Grafana 5 to 6, dashboard keeps logging out

@joaogvr you have a sqlite problem -> database is locked

How can i see sqlite log?

And what could be causing this lock in the db?

You can’t see any sqlite log as far as I know. One cause could be using NFS as underlying storage of Grafana/sqlite which seems common in Kubernetes/docker setups. Another cause could be too high load on the sqlite from users and alert rule evaluations. One other cause may be a bug in Grafana which I’m going to investigate.

Thanks again guys!

JFYI, our instance of Zabbix and Grafana run on the same VM and has local storage. There is no NFS involved inside the VM.


Hello everyone, I have exactly the same problem, can you give us a solution? The screens of my operating room close unexpectedly, it becomes complicated to manage.

Someone here got fix this ‘database is locked’?

My dashboards keeps logging out =/

We just released 6.2-beta1. Would recommend trying that out since it includes a fix that we hope should fix some of the reported problems here.

Thanks, i’ll try this version

Thank you for the update!

I installed the beta without error, and now I receive this on all existing and new dashboards:

Zabbix plugin failed

Error: Fetch error: 404 Not Found Instantiating http://zabbix.vtcri.local:3000/public/app/core/utils/datemath Loading http://zabbix.vtcri.local:3000/public/plugins/alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app/datasource-zabbix/module.js Loading plugins/alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app/datasource-zabbix/module

I updated the Zabbix plugin to the latest as well and have restarted all related services. The error still persists.


Assuming the two paths share the same “root”, I have no “apps” directory as lusted in the path.

For “apps” I have /usr/share/grafana/public/

For the plugins/alexanderzobnin-zabbix/ I have /var/lib/grafana/plugins

The path to the plugins works via URL / web browser.

Seems like we unintentionally introduced a breaking change in Grafana. Going to open an issue to be fixed to v6.2 stable.


JFYI, I have no ‘datemath’ in /var/lib/grafana/app/core/utils

Any idea on ETA? Thanks for all your attention to this!!!

For reference Should hopefully be fixed in master tomorrow and then you can run from a nightly build. If you don’t want to run a nightly build you have to wait for a new beta or stable v6.2 release. Or revert to your earlier version (I suppose you have a backup?).

No worries! Just checking. Yes we have backup :slight_smile: I will also try the Nightly Builds… should I be looking at the 6.3 builds?

Good morning! I tried this build and the problem persists:


6.3.0-7dfb512bpre worked! Thank you for your quick actions!!!

Yes that version is the first nightly with the fix of above issue.

Thanks @mefraimsson, for me this version fixed my issue. 72hours whitout logout =)

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Same! My displays are rolling again. Thank you!!!

This sounds really promising! Thanks a lot for living on the edge and trying out the beta :smile: It’s extremely valuable for us.