Absolute value from influxdb

I am monitoring recording values from -100 to 100 in InfluxDB. I would like to receive warning when the value is below -20 or above 20. Is there a way to do something like ABS(value) in the query ?

Thank you

I can’t find any support for an abs function in InfluxDB -> all I could find was an open PR that hasn’t been merged yet. Here is the feature request on GitHub for new functions in InfluxDB: https://github.com/influxdata/influxdb/issues/5930

You could maybe use thresholds or alerts in Grafana to get what you want?

It is the same problem for alerts or thresholds. My signal is good between -20 and 20. For alert, I can only enter one value and not a range like -20],[20

You can have a range in the alert condition:


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