About colors in Grafana

Hi Guys.
I’m starting to use Grafana and a have one question:

Its possible change the color of visuals by code?

Looking to a variable value?

Hello @rgustavo32s

It is possible to do it using some plugins. Depends on how you want to visualize things

Understood. I want that collors follow a previous table, depending of variable value

not sure I understand the above statement. indica tus requisitos en español

rsrs using ChatGPT to translate

Me gustaría que si el valor de una variable es 1, los valores RGB sean X, Y, Z. Es decir, cada vez que el valor de la variable cambie, cambie el color RGB. Estoy utilizando un gráfico de tendencias, pero me gustaría que funcione para el color de las barras, velas, etc.

You can use apache echart plugin for that



I’ll try to learn about. A lot of things to learn yet haha. Thanks for the Help

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