A part of data coming from AWS Timestream not displayed

I have my time series recorded in AWS Timestream. I set up some Graphana dashboards connected to this database. In a specific panel, there are several identical queries (except one parameter) in order the same data for several different machines.
At the beginning it was working perfectly, but I am loosing more and more missing displayed fields in the panel.
Any suggestion about this ?
Thanks in advance.

I would start by checking the raw data (I have no idea how to do that in
Timestream, but I’m assuming that if Grafana can query it, so can you) to see
whether what you say is missing in Grafana is actually present in the data.


Actually, this is the same query copied 4 times in a single panel. It worked in the past and it still works for a part of these copies.
I have limited the size of the queried data and it works better but I am a bit uncomfortable with this because, I do not have any clear limits in hands to be sure it works or not.

And thanks for this feedback :wink: