Recent data stopped coming through from Timestream Data Source

Hi there

I’ve connected AWS Timestream as a datasource and everything was working perfectly. However, on one particular metric has just removed the past two weeks worth of data even though all other metrics continue to come through without a problem.

Data was populating successfully up to Feb 17th, but then on the 17th it lost data back to Feb 8th and will no longer populate recent metrics. All other metrics from the same table and database are populating correctly up to present time.

I’m presuming that dataset is corrupted in some way? I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the Timestream datasource but still has the same problem. Is there a way to “force refresh” the data source to pull in a fresh set of data?

My grafana version is 7.4.0

Any advice would be great.

It looks like the data comes through intermittently - for example, the below screenshot is after refreshing the dashboard a number of times, it populates correctly but then loses it again on further refreshes (queries and settings all remaining the same)