Improving AWS Timestream plugin performance


I’m using Grafana to read from a AWS Timestream data source but am experiencing poor performance and was hoping there might be some configuration I need to improve this.

My AWS timestream test database contains 1 day worth of data, with 1 record per second, so 86400 records. When I query this data directly in the timestream console on AWS I get the data in < 1 second. However when I perform the same query in Grafana the query takes 7 seconds. 1.6MB of data is transferred so I don’t think bandwidth is the limiting factor.

Are there any optimisations I can make in Grafana to decrease this query time?


Hi @craiglang,

I am not familiar with this plugin but looking into its documentation shows some macros e.g. $_measure, $__interval_raw_ms, $__interval_ms might be what you are looking for?