404 trying to navigate to Kubernetes Monitoring integration


I’m trying to enable the Kubernetes Monitoring integration from the ‘Integrations and connections’ menu, however it gives me a 404 when choosing this (all other integrations are accessible) - is this just something I can’t use from the free tier?


Hey @mike49b9 - this looks like a small bug, I just alerted the team. I’ll circle back shortly.

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Hi @mike49b9!

To help us troubleshoot this, would you mind outlining the steps you’re taking to get to the 404?

To answer your initial question, you should be able to use it from the free tier. There should be a Kubernetes icon on the left side nav that should allow you to get there.


Please see the screenshot below. I click on (1) on the sidebar then (2) and then I get a 404 with the additional message “Plugin not found, no installed plugin with that id”

Hope that helps!

Perfect Mike! Thank you :slight_smile:

Could you possibly share your stack name? We need to look into it a little deeper. If you’d prefer not to show it here, you can DM me or shoot me an email - joe.stelmach [at] grafana.com.

Thank you again for working with us on this.

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Sorry about the delay. The team found the issue. Over the next 30 min or so, that link should work and you should be able to see it from the left-side nav.

Thank you again for your patience and working with us on the issue!

I can confirm this is working for me now! Thanks!! :grinning: :+1:

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Hello @joestelmach , We are facing the same issue! Could you please help to resolve it?
Thank you!

Hi @muhamedsaudi - If you contact support, we can get that taken care of fairly quick :slight_smile: