401 Error on writing logs to Loki with logging_loki python library


I am a complete noob on grafana. I am trying to send some logs from my VM to my loki data source. I have followed this documentation:
#### Using Grafana with Logs

Whether you are using Grafana on-prem or Grafana Cloud, adding a Data Source for Logs works the same way:

** Log into your Grafana instance with Admin rights.*
** Add a “Loki” type Data Source with the following details:*

Grafana Data Source settings

After setting up the loki instance with the username and password/grafana token and setting up the below python code I was always getting 401 error. After some investigating I noticed that the token I generated in Grafana Data Source settings only has read permissions. So I saw that a bit below on the page I can generate a grafana api token that has write permissions. However, when I copy that token and set it as password in my loki setting I always get: Unable to connect with Loki. Please check the server logs for more details.

Does anybody know how to make it work so I can write my logs directly to loki?

Thanks for your help in advance.


import logging
import logging_loki

auth=(user, passw)

logging_loki.emitter.LokiEmitter.level_tag = "level"
# assign to a variable named handler 
handler = logging_loki.LokiHandler(
# create a new logger instance, name it whatever you want
logger = logging.getLogger("my-logger")
   "Something bad happened but we can keep going",
   extra={"tags": {"service": "my-service"}},

I’d say try to write your own handler or just perform the API call in a function. As far as I know most of the Python Loki module aren’t being kept up-to-date.

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401 indicates wrong credentials. But try to wait a moment. It may take a few minutes until new token is recognised properly by all components in Grafana Cloud.