3x Time Column in Table


I’m currently building a Grafana Table Panel including three prometheus querys.
All three query values for one time should be displayed in one row (as they are meant to be combined) (see picture)

I already managed to display this properly but now the table shows three time columns. Does someone know how to fix that?

Expand your “Organize fields” transformation and disable columns which you don’t want to see there.

Thanks for the answer - unfortunately that also doesn’t work as time is there only one time displayed but if I disable that column it removes all three time columns.

Try to use “Merge” transformation as first transformation

merge does look promising but then my three query results are splitted

Ok wow I somehow made it. I’m searching for a solution since days and have tried many things - and now it’s that simple.

Anyway thanks for the help @jangaraj

Solution now is to use the following transformations:

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