2 dimensions tables

Hi there,

I have a prometheus datasource.

I have 2 panels: regions and cloud_provider, and I have a load value.

I would like to have regions on X axis, cloud_provider and Y axis giving me load value.

I’m not able to have this. every think I’m doing leaving me with regions and cloud_provider as columns, and the row is always time series.

I’m only looking to show the last value.

Thanks for any help!

I use and recommend https://grafana.com/plugins/yesoreyeram-boomtable-panel. This is very helpful and easy to use.

I gave it a try but was not able to map the row and column correctly. many of the examples I saw online was not using prometheus.

Do you have any relevant link I can follow to understand the steps?

I used influxdb as my data source and no experience on Prometheus.
The developer of this plugin usually checks and reverts on the issues posted. Below is the url