Zenoss Integration with grafana

Hi Team,

I need to integrate Grafana with Zenoss, what steps should I follow to add Zenoss as a Data source.

Hi @risabhshao what you want to do is write a datasource plugin for Grafana.

You should have programming skills in typescript and possibly go (if you want to write it as a backend datasource). This is also a task that requires time to write the datasource and publish it in Grafana.

here’s a guide on getting started with it Build a data source plugin | Grafana Plugin Tools

and here are some plugin examples that also include several datasources for you to get used to GitHub - grafana/grafana-plugin-examples

Alternatively you can look into using something like the infinity plugin if Zenoss has an API you can call and extract data from it.

does zenoss have a rest api endpoint to access its data?