Zabbix Simple List and Total

We are using Grafana as a Zabbix dashboard. I have a few variables set up that are working and I want to simply create a panel that lists all hosts and one that lists a total of those hosts. For example, my $group variable is working and shows me my Zabbix groups and my $host variable is working and shows me all the hosts in that group.
How do I create the panels like (format not intended):

Total Linux Hosts: 27

Hosts: Host1, host2, host3… host27

I’m stumped! (and a newbie)


I’ve been working something similar for icinga/icinga web2. From what I understand now is that if you want to develop a plugin that will be truly usefull for the community you should develop a datasource plugin retrieving data from zabbix (this is still not time series data - I’m not sure if data source makes sense,). However, if you’re selifsh as I am you can:

  1. Add CORS support in front of zabbix
  2. Write you’re own javascript code making appropriate REST calls and rendering in grafana HTML panel or your own panel plugin. Check links below - it’s what I did for for grafana and icinga2, but will work quite similar for zabbix.

Try to use SQL (if you have MySQL/MariaDB/Postrges as Zabbix backend). See examples here

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Thank you! That was just the kick in the pants and example I needed. I am off an running!