Zabbix plugin not working on save and test

I am on Debian 10, Grafana v7.3.6 and Zabbix server v5.0.6

Followed this quick tutorial:
Using zabbix administrator credentials.

Every time I click save and test I get this error:
Post “”: unsupported protocol scheme “”

I have the same problem.
Did you manage to solve?

Nope, havent tried anything to fix it either though.

you didn’t put the http: //

The reason I didn’t use it was because it just stopped eventually with this error:
Post "": stopped after 10 redirects.

Not sure why its trying to use domain name lookup and not just the IP…

Changed nginx redirect for port 80 to the IP url, now I get:
invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value

I guess two steps back, one step forward?

Got it finally. I guess the tutorial needs some updating…
with skip tls verify