Y-axis unit is not saved

I have a panel with two y-axis, but I am unable to change the units of the axis. Every time I change it and hit the apply button, it remains at none. Here it what it looks like:

Any idea what could be wrong?

Hi @jbreitbart - have you tried using the Add series override button on the Panel edit menu? You should be able to set that for the series that isn’t plotting on the y-axis.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I cannot find a way to set the unit via Add series override. There is already one entry to assign a series to to the second y-axis.

Same thing happens to me.

I have no axis name on the field tab. When I go Panel–>Axes–> Left (or right) axes and select a unit it is not persistent. I change the unit and select apply and nothing is changed. The axis names is still to none.

Same issue here :frowning:
Had kWh as unit. Updated grafana to 7.4.3 and now unit keeps resetting to kWh no matter what I change it to.

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The way it works for me: