Worldmap name/location association

I have a problem that is driving me crazy with worldmap.
I have alredy create a map using the geoash data from my elasticsearch DB, it work without any problem with grafana and kibana also.
The problem comes when i try to associate the location name with the point in the map… simpy doesn’t work and i can’t understand why! I have paste/copied the configuration in the guide.

The field in the DB SHOULD be correct, I have all the field that are required to create an association between the 2 element


Someone have any idea? Let me know if you need more info.


Alredy solved.
Just for the record, in case someone else will be in the same trouble, I place the fields “group by” and “Location Name Field” “geoip.city_name.keyword” instead of “geoip.city_name”


I have the same issue, I set options of Query in dashboard of Grafana.
But it does not work.

In my Dashboard of ES all works, I can understand why it does nor work in Grafana?!

My DB in Grafana

Could you please help me advise, what I should to do to see IPs on Map Dashboard in Grafana? Thank you!