Will Loki and Mimir share hash rings?

I have Mimir cluster running with three instances. The hash rings are being stored in Consul. Today I deployed Loki into the same datacenter using the same Consul cluster. I looked at the Loki /ring endpoint and discovered four nodes listed. At first I was confused as to why there were four, but then I realized that three of them are the Mimir nodes and one is the Loki node.

Is this a problem? I am not seeing errors in the logs. Does this mean that Loki and Mimir can share rings? They can obviously see each other.

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I haven’t used Mimir myself, so I could be wrong, but I think you’d run into issues when writing and reading on both clusters. Regardless it should probably be a good idea to separate the two.

Could that be as simple as using a custom prefix?

      store: consul
      prefix: collectors-loki/

Yes. A custom prefix separated the rings very easily.

yes we can but use another way