When building from source, why am I on v5.0.0 instead of v5.0.4?

I’ve been following the docs for building from source, and have been able to get everything basically up and going nicely. However, I notice that my version is denoted as Grafana v5.0.0 (commit: NA) rather than the latest release, 5.0.4 – why does it appear as though the go get github.com/grafana/grafana command didn’t pull the latest release?

When building from source with the latest version you should actually be building 5.1.0-pre1 as that is what master is configured as.

My guess would be that you originally ran go get when 5.0.0 still was the latest version. Running it again wont update, you will have to use the -u flag for that to happen, like: go get -u github.com/grafana/grafana. You can also use git directly but running git pull in the $GOPATH/src/github.com/grafana/grafana folder.

Hey thanks, I actually just did a go get in a fresh directory this week. Unless the version recently changed, I don’t think that’s the problem unfortunately.

This is because we forgot to update this value:

Commit is set by the build process when we build a new package.

I think this is happening again. I am trying to down load 5.1 but I get 5.0.4 or at least that is what latest.json file sais.

Sorry, I just saw that the version is on package.json, any way the main.go says that we are on 5.0.0

This should be fixed in the latest master of Grafana now. The bra run command now uses go build in the same way as the packaging task does.

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