What is the global variable for user language preference in Grafana 10.x?

I am tying to access the user (or org) setting for language preference using Grafana 10.4.

For email there is the global variable: ${__user.email}
This does not work for language: e.g. ${__user.language}

Looking at the source code the setting is there: "language":"de-DE",

<script nonce="">window.grafanaBootData = {
        user: {"isSignedIn":true,"id":67,"externalUserId":"","login":"mylogin,"email":"merlin@xx.de","name":"merlin","theme":"light","lightTheme":true,"orgCount":1,"orgId":1,"orgName":"my org","orgRole":"Viewer","isGrafanaAdmin":false,"gravatarUrl":"/app/public/img/user_profile.png","timezone":"browser","weekStart":"monday","locale":"de-DE","language":"de-DE",

How can I access the variable?

My goal is to get the language for info text from a database depending on the language preferences loading it into a dashboard variable.