Grafana Language Switch for Title & Descriptions of Graphs


I’m a new Grafana user and I’m wondering: I can change the interface language using the multi language feature, but for example, when I select French, my graphic titles and descriptions are not automatically in French, is there a special method (in fact, convenience) for this?


~ Gözde

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Can you please explain the scenario in a bit more detail?

To my understanding your use case is like this:

1- Login to Grafana (English as default)
2- Created some dashboards n panels (used English in Panel Title)
3- Switch to the French language
4- Want those Panel titles also in the French language?

Hi @usman.ahmad ,

Thank you for your response. Yes actually this is my case.

I create some dashboards and giving them English Titles & Descriptions, then I want all these dashboards in French. Normally, I’m creating new page with the same dashboards and giving them French Title & Descriptions (manual translation). However, I want when I switch the language from preferences button, all dashboard titles and descriptions will change from English to French automatically.

Is it possible with Grafana v9.3?

You could use variables based on database tables to save the translations aling with offical grafana language codes. and when user switches languages you send the language code to fetch the translation. If there is not translation it defaults to english

This is a common practice but not necessarily using a db but some translation service

But this will probably not work as selected language does not seem to be in the list of Global variables

I 2nd this use case searching for a way to get this setting. Thinking about migrating from sqlite3 to Mysql in order to access the preferance from a mysql table of grafana db.

you don’t need to migrate to do what you want, you could modify it directly (though not recommended to mess with the sqlite file, but if you do make sure to take regular backups) in the sqlite file itself.

read only would be sufficient to get the user settings, but I can not see any info using DataGrip as IDE. I have opened the file by selecting it in DataGrip.


I use DB Browser to read the data. Not sure what you are trying to do

update dashboard
set title = 'グラファナ'
where id = 85;


I am searching for a way to access the user preference settings for language. Since this is not made available via global variables a work around could be to read this data directly from the DB.

The user settings can be found in table preferences:

Seems to be the most feasable way to go over the db route in order to access the settings per user.

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