What is the correct way to save dashboard json for use in provisioning?

If you export a dashboard, it templatizes the datasources. When importing, this is addressed.

When using an exported dashboard with the new 5.0 provisioning feature, the datasource is not added, and there is an error. What is the correct way to export a dasboard for use in provisioning?



Using the “view json” and saving that json results in:

t=2018-02-05T22:18:57+0000 lvl=eror msg=“Cannot provision dashboard. Please remove the id property from the json file” logger=provisioning.dashboard type=file name=default

I removed both “id” and “uid” wasn’t sure which was needed, and that seemed to work. This doesn’t seem like the correct thng to do though.

It is currently, we will try to make this smoother

you do not need to remove uid

Thanks, I was also able to replace the datasource manually and remove the __inputs object from the exported dashboard.

Don’t enable “Export for sharing externally” while sharing/exporting dashboard

Sorry for repeating that question. What is the correct way w/ minimum as possible manual editing the not-really-human-friendly JSON files in 2020? (and 7.1 version)

I am also curious about the correct way to go about doing this.