What is Refresh live dashboards?

When I configured my dashboard, I saw below option.
Refresh live dashboards
Continuously re-draw panels where the time range references ‘now’
Even if I enabled the option, there was not refresh when I set my time range to “now-5m”.
Can you please explain how I test with that option and kindly let me know the exact function of the option ??

Many thanks for your help in advance !

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it seems there are some bugs in the newest version … Timepicker button stopped working even on Clooud Pro Grafana instance! :frowning:

I don’t know what to do … my business depends on these community plugins … :frowning:

Call support especially if you pay for the service.

But for now you might need to roll back to previous version?

I have already written to support about this - unfortunately with no reply so far.

I don’t know if Grafana Cloud Pro instance can be downgraded to different version of Grafana. Have you tried it before?