What does the ORG ID mean on a shared link?

Hello, I want to automatically share dashboards and panels to django through a shared link that provides the iframe script URL.

However, there is no way to share this link automatically.

So I’m going to create an iframe script url in python with the dashboard information returned from the Python Grafana-api library.

In this case, I have already figured out what other components mean in the iframe script url, but there is no way to find out what orgId means. Is orId always equal to 1? Or is it not?

Org id is probably never 1. How many orga do you have? It is usually some sort if guid like number.

Org Id is the Id of the organization that the dashboard is in. Usually, the first (and default) Organization takes the Id 1 and subsequent organizations ids are incremented.

For testing purposes, you might want to add a new organization and create a dashboard there. you will see the new link to be shared will include orgId=2 or the likes.