Any way not have input Grafana portal domain name and organization ID in the data linke?

I have 2 Grafafna dashboards, one is the overview dashboard, the other one is the detail dashboard. They sit in the same Grafana portal and same Grafana organization.
The overview dashboard has a table view panel, and it has a clickable link(data link) in each row for drilldown.
The data links looks like http://<grafana_portal_domain_name>/d/<drilldown_dahsboard_uid>/<drilldown_dashboard_name>?orgId=<grafana_organiztion_id>.
Because my test Grafana has the different portal domain name and orgnaziation ID than the production evenviroment, I have to update data link every time before rolling out to the production.
Is there any way that I do not have to input the Grafana portal domain name and organization ID in the data link as my dashboards are all in the same portal and organization. e.g. using any global variable, etc?

I figure out myself.

Granfa dashboard/panel/data links supports the relative URI, so no neeed to have <grafana_portal_domain_name> in URL.

Additionally, ${} is able to fetch the current organization ID.

So the URL becomes to d/<drilldown_dahsboard_uid>/<drilldown_dashboard_name>?orgId=${}.