What are the exact steps in rebuilding the source of grafana in windows?

It seems that the documentation in building from source is little bit messy for the reason that the procedures for rebuilding source in windows and Ubuntu is one place. Thank you for the fast response. I made some changes on the login form of grafana but it did not appear upon refreshing.

@adonis I am also trying to build Grafana from source on windows but i have some problems when running ‘yarn watch’ command (Building Grafana from source). It would be very helpful, if you could have a look and give me any idea of what might be wrong.

Thank you in advance!

My problem was already solved, but i did in it in linux, how can i help you ?

@adonis Thank you for the reply! My problem is that even though i am following the steps mentioned at the documentation site for building grafana (http://docs.grafana.org/project/building_from_source/), whenever i am trying to run the ‘yarn watch’ command, the execution never ends.

Did you face any similar problem on Linux? And did you do any configuration (download any tool, delete any kind of file that was causing problem etc) before you run the commands on the site above?

PS: I am really sorry for the late answer, i am just working on something else too.

Sorry for late reply! but did you already run grafana in your server ? because “yarn watch” is for pushing only the changes in your source code or should i say for rebuilding only your project, and by running the grafana you need to execute “bra run” for Linux. At first i encountered error when executing “yarn watch” because i downloaded the grafana project using git which is not allowed.

@adonis I am not sure if i have clearly understood your question.
I have been using Grafana for some time; the problem, now, is that i would like to make a small change at the source code. Therefore i am trying to build Grafana from source.
You can have a look here: Graph Panel Plugin Development in order to understand better my problem and what i am trying to do.

Again thank you for your answers. I appreciate them!

Based on your question on that topic, yes you have to build again the grafana to let the changes in your source code appear.