Webhook for sending grafana alerts to whatsapp

Hi community!!,

we recently published how to config a webhook that adds whatsapp as a notification channel for your grafana alerts.
This gateway uses a shared number, the one we’re using for our home-Labs. :smiley:
If you want to give it a try, it’s super easy, just have a look at this video where it’s explained in 2 mins.
It shows how to send a raw alert, but of course, you can adjust the payload to your needs.

Have fun!!


nice! what version of Grafana are you using?

Hi @mattabrams ,
the video was recorded using grafana docker OSS server version=7.3.6 but should be similar for newer releases. This is an instance I use for my home Lab, will be updating the image in the coming weeks.

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hello this is amazing… i try to do it, but i have this error

Cannot GET /hookin/7a4cbb47554354be682c50bd8c57…/59178…

can you help me?

Hi @oscarqrt
there’s an updated version of the HOW TO video for Grafana 8+… We added a way to route different queues (now you need to add a /param at the end of the url, that could be anything meaningful for you).

Check and see if it works:

hi @oscarqrt have you solved the issue? can you share the fix?

Hi @mirarmitzi and @oscarqrt

you can follow this new guide to set up the alert manager notifications on whatsapp:


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