Way to do a simple alerts/no alerts image panel

Hi There ,

I am currently using grafana as a front end for my zabbix server , everything is tied in nicely and most panels are looking good so far,

I do, however, want to have a panel which has a simple gif image which shows when there are no problems through zabbix monitoring and when a problem appears through zabbix the image changes to a red version of this gif …

Is this possible ? with or without plugin ? … its just a simple true / false flag as far as I can gather but Im at a loss as to what to do to achieve this

Thanks in advance for any advice

Hi @gavin9

If you could live with colors and not unique images, then you could use a number of threshold and value-mapping workflows. For images, have you explored using an SVG plugin like this one:

I haven’t tried this one but it was written in React and looks actively maintained, both of which are very promising :+1: