Warning "at least 1 live replicas required, could only find 0"

Hi everyone,

I am deploying Loki into a Kubernetes cluster (minikube for the time being). I can see a few warnings that look like so:

level=warn ts=2021-03-29T07:57:35.850054408Z caller=logging.go:71 traceID=1eb7f1af26f93e99 msg="POST /loki/api/v1/push (500) 306.421µs Response: \"at least 1 live replicas required, could only find 0\\n\" ws: false; Content-Length: 835; Content-Type: application/x-protobuf; User-Agent: promtail/2.2.0; X-B3-Parentspanid: 8ec241ccaeb90941; X-B3-Sampled: 1; X-B3-Spanid: dac4eb7a085fc6d5; X-B3-Traceid: ebfe7544d6de02b48ec241ccaeb90941; X-Envoy-Attempt-Count: 1; X-Forwarded-Client-Cert: By=spiffe://cluster.local/ns/default/sa/loki;Hash=01766831644fd0529d565603cd970e287e5b73087ed967048a92185b6718545d;Subject=\"\";URI=spiffe://cluster.local/ns/default/sa/promtail; X-Forwarded-Proto: http; X-Request-Id: eb656548-0a43-9d88-badc-fe21b8c377d8; "

I am running only one Loki instance, and Kubernetes tells me no restart have occurred on the Loki pod. I am using the latest Loki helm chart available here:
(link removed otherwise my post gets flagged…)

My question: Is it safe to ignore those warnings? Also, so they indicate that some logs have been lost?

Thanks for your help

Also, for each of these errors, I get a corresponding error in Promtail:

level=warn ts=2021-03-29T07:57:35.887039737Z caller=client.go:322 component=client host=loki:3100 msg="error sending batch, will retry" status=500 error="server returned HTTP status 500 Internal Server Error (500): at least 1 live replicas required, could only find 0"

Maybe ingester ring needs to be confirmed

Thanks for your comment @fmr . Could you please translate it to me in plain English?

The error log “at least 1 live replicas required, could only find 0” . This mean that there is no active ingester in the ingester ring. You need to check the lifecycler configuration

Hi @fmr. I don’t know nothing about “ingesters”, “ingester rings” and “lifecycler configuration”… Is there a way to test your hypothesis? Thanks!