Deploy Loki from Helm on Kubernetes.But promtail is unhealthy

I am trying to deploy Loki from Helm on Kubernetes: 1.23.17. Helm version: “v3.6.1” executed the command "helm install whh-loki grafana/loki-stack --set grafana.enabled=true --set loki.persistence.enabled=false --namespace loki ".
And both Loki and Grafana ran normally, but Promtail only displayed Running but not Ready (0/1).

View the information through kubectl describe: “Readiness probe failed: HTTP probe failed with statuscode: 500”.

Kubectl logs obtained log information, partially displayed as follows: “level=error ts=2023-12-08T03:10:47.12166698Z caller=filetarget. go: 314 msg=” failed to tail file, stat failed “error=” stat/var/log/pods/default "_ Pg14180 postgresql-1_ “F41a6da3-81ac-405b-9785-23bb9b3a9aa6/kb checkrole/0. log: no such file or directory”.

I want to deploy Loki and use it to collect pod logs for k8s. Hope to receive help.