Visualize prediction data

I do have prediction data stored in mariaDB.
For every hour, I have data points (time+value) for a prediction from the hour for the future (around 20 data points).

The table looks like this
number, prediction_time, data_time, data_value

I want to visualize the change of the prediction.
Is there a way to solve it? What panel is usable?

I do not know if the “Sierra Plot”-Plugin is the right for me. But the pictures show prommising.
Unfortunetly I do not get it to work.
Is this the right coice? If yes, what do I have to do to get it working? What is needed to get “Breakdown - Field for chart breakdown” to have a selectable option?

I would say any plugin is ok. Just set dashboard timerange to include also future time, so also predicted period will be selected.

I don’t think so. Because I do have several predictions for one time (e.g. one 1h ago, one prediction 2h ago and so on), there must be a solution for multiple lines