Visualize hourly energy prices in a bar chart

Hi there! This is my first post here and I’m not very skilled so please abide with my ignorance. With that being said, using Grafana, I’d like to visualize the energy spot prices for each hour of the day as in the example image.

The actual value for each hour is stored in influxdb (as Energy_Price_Hour00, Energy_Price_Hour01, Energy_Price_Hour02 etc) and as you already understand I dont want to show historic values, just the latest value for each hour.

Can it be done in Grafana and are you willing to give me some hints in the right direction? Currently I’m sorry to admit that I have no clue how to do it.

Thanks a lot in advance for your patience and kind help. Cheers!

Hello again. What do you guys think?

I’m not trying to visualize Time Series Data. Am I trying to use Grafana for something it hasn’t been designed for? Should I use another tool to do this? If so, please if you have an idea, let me know.

As my usecase is focused on energy to I’ld love to help…

Can you send some example Data or the tool you’re using to fill your influxDB ?

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Thanks @mircsicz That’s very kind of you.

I have the following entries/values in DB. (It’s always the last entry, with the latest timestamp that’s of interest)

Energy_Price_Hour00 0.37
Energy_Price_Hour01 0.32
Energy_Price_Hour02 0.32
Energy_Price_Hour03 0.32
Energy_Price_Hour04 0.31
Energy_Price_Hour05 0.33
Energy_Price_Hour06 0.39
Energy_Price_Hour07 0.41
Energy_Price_Hour08 0.43
Energy_Price_Hour09 0.43
Energy_Price_Hour10 0.43
Energy_Price_Hour11 0.43
Energy_Price_Hour12 0.42
Energy_Price_Hour13 0.42
Energy_Price_Hour14 0.41
Energy_Price_Hour15 0.41
Energy_Price_Hour16 0.42
Energy_Price_Hour17 0.43
Energy_Price_Hour18 0.43
Energy_Price_Hour19 0.43
Energy_Price_Hour20 0.41
Energy_Price_Hour21 0.37
Energy_Price_Hour22 0.21
Energy_Price_Hour23 0.12

Thanks a lot for your interest in this.

Actual hourly prices can be seen here

Maybe this post can help you

Thanks @danielgonzalez

It’s not the same case unfortunately. But thanks anyway. :grinning:

reading a little better I can suggest the following,
it brings the data in a “current” way, and in the time filter you put only today or “d / d”, and in the graph you put the x-axis as a series,
I think this should give the result you’re looking for