Energy data and Grafana + InfluxDB

Hello Community!

I’m just learning about InfluxDB, and now I’m trying to figure out how to visualize my data with Grafana so please bear with me. Googling around is only taking me so far, so I figured I’d go to the source!

My Utility company, PG&E has, for whatever reason (after adding Tesla Powerwalls and Solar to my existing solar installation), stopped displaying my daily/monthly consumption, so I took it upon myself to stand up a few docker containers, got InfluxDB populated with all my PG&E electric and gas data for the past 5 years. Now the fun part… How to get it visually meaningful in Grafana!

PG&E display it like this.

Bill View (monthly consumption totals)

Daily Consumption totals:

I’m wanting to visualize something similar in Grafana now :slight_smile:

My InfluxDB data looks like this before importing it into InfluxDB:

energy,energy_type=electric,value_type=usage value=0.38 1556619300000000000 energy,energy_type=electric,value_type=usage value=0.03 1556620200000000000 energy,energy_type=electric,value_type=usage value=0.04 1556621100000000000 energy,energy_type=electric,value_type=usage value=-0.03 1556622000000000000 energy,energy_type=electric,value_type=usage value=-0.03 1556622900000000000 energy,energy_type=electric,value_type=usage value=-0.02 1556623800000000000 energy,energy_type=electric,value_type=usage value=0.34 1556624700000000000 energy,energy_type=gas,value_type=usage value=1.04 1613001600000000000 energy,energy_type=gas,value_type=cost value=1.73 1613001600000000000 energy,energy_type=gas,value_type=usage value=1.04 1613088000000000000 energy,energy_type=gas,value_type=cost value=1.73 1613088000000000000 energy,energy_type=gas,value_type=usage value=1.04 1613174400000000000 energy,energy_type=gas,value_type=cost value=1.73 1613174400000000000 energy,energy_type=gas,value_type=usage value=2.09 1613260800000000000

I have a very basic panel, but this is where I get stuck.

I’d like to get some really cool and meaningful Panels/Dashboards going, but would love a lot of help on how to get there. I’m no query expert either, but would love to become one!

Thanks all!


Welcome to the community, I would suggest you go check existing dashboard first specific for energy consumption:

Example : Power Usage dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

And either use them directly, or get inspired on how can it be configured.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck