Grafana 7.3.4 some questions visualizing daily usage power consumption


I am a beginner with Grafana logging absolute power consumption data via openHAB to an influxDB instance every minute in kWh.

I’d like to visualize the power consumption per day and month.

Here are the questions:

At the moment I’m using the following query to visualize the daily power consumption:

SELECT spread("value") FROM "waermepumpeZaehlerImpulseKWh" WHERE  $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1d) fill(none)

  1. This shows me the correct values. Now I’d like to get rid of the $timeFilter. I want it to be fixed to the last 7 days or the last month. I read that this should be working by configuring the Relative time but I can’t get it to work. Which is the correct way to get that to a fixed relative range?

  2. Is there a possibility to group it by month in influxDB? 1m didn’t work.

  3. Is there a way to filter out grouped values? (having doesn’t exist in influxDB) I’d like to get rid of some incorrectly logged data which break the visualisation.

Thank you very much in advance.


you can say:
from now-1m
to now